Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang V

~Langkah Kedua: Dunia Kita Hari Ini

Awan dan Hujan sering melupakan
Yeap. Dear readers, having to read this part of the book requires a lot(and I mean, a lot!) of philosophical background to bring you towards comprehensive matters brought up by the writer on different views of the world regarding on SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT.

All the while, let's not forget the importance of this part of the book to further allow us to see the world we are to commence with. We are indeed striving and fighting for one path, the true path of this life; the path to our Rabb. But in the world we are in today, we would be dealing with a lot of fighters, fighters who have paths of their own. Because of that, we would all have to be weary of an extensive clash that will eventually take place sooner or later.

  • Be it Sigmund Freud with his theory; Psychoanalysis that claims the spiritual dimension of human beings is a sublimation of animal instincts, inspired by the philosophical reference of Darwin's theory of evolution. 
  • Be it John B. Watson's Behaviorisme theory, that brings logical scientific explanation of the Psychoanalysis theory, but doesn't run away from the understanding that humans and animals are not that far apart. 
  • Be it Ivan Pavlov that introduces Classical Conditioning as a theory that supports the two above, but proven the concept by an experiment with a dog.
  • Be it Burrhus F. Skinner with his theory; Operant Conditioning that introduces the "Reward and Punishment" concept in management. He also claims that only by understanding behavioural aspects of animals will us explain even the most complex behaviour of human in his "Skinner Box" experiment.
  • Be it Danah Zohar and William Bloom that claim SQ is nothing similar to being Religious.

Unlike the mutual dependence of Cloud and Rain, Western Orientalists have separated Spirituality with Religion. The trauma the Westerners have towards the history of the Church that was once known to be an institution that has complete authority over the people may have not yet resided. "Di Barat, hujan dan awan telah lama saling melupakan."

Spirituality and Religion; inseparable from each other
"Kebangkitan Spiritual ini bisa menjadi pemantik bagi para pemeluk agama untuk lebih meyakini, lebih dalam memahami, dan menjadi pejuang bagi agama dengan keyakinannya itu."

"Di Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang, kelak mungkin kita akan menghadapi para 'Pejuang' yang lain. Seperti kita yang meyakini Allah, mereka juga meyakini sesuatu. Sesuatu itu menggerakkan mereka. Mereka berjuang sebagaimana kita berjuang. Maka mungkin saja akan ada perbenturan. Dan Pertempurannya adalah pertempuran iman.. Bersiapsiagalah selalu di Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang.."


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bersiap-siagalah selalu di Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang.

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