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~Langkah Kedua: Dunia Kita Hari Ini

Where we are heading
I feel it would be no harm just to re-EMPHASIZE  on the basic understanding of each part of the book the writer intends to instill to the readers.

Langkah Pertama
Reading this part of the book helps you to comprehend the meaning behind that path of love; the path the fighters take for the love of their Lord and the love for this deen; unlike the broken, devastating and temporary love that is now amplified by youths these days, or even back in the past.

Langkah Kedua: Singgah Untuk Menaklukkan
You will find that this part of the book unfolds the secret behind creating a bigger impact in so little time and effort. The writer also defines the Age in which we are engaging in, in order for us to conquer and make changes towards it, as well as through time itself.

Langkah Kedua: Hujan dan Awan Saling Melupakan
This part of the book provides multiple perspectives belonging to the western orientalists regarding spirituality and  religion. These views depicting the behaviour of human beings have been purposely diverted to have an adaptation of animals, simply to defy the existence of religion and God in their findings.

ABC simply stands for; Abstinence, Be faithful and Condom. 
Abstinence movement was created by a group of american teenage girls who fought hard for the abstinence of committing sexual intercourse with men other than their future spouse. How did it start? Simply because they have already witnessed the pitfall of this awful practice that was once known to be "progressive" and "modern". 
Dear fighters of this righteous path, the world now needs to fight to get things right, to put a stop onto inhuman acts put to practice worldwide. The world needs Islam so badly, but they don't even know it... 

It is now easy to find libertarian who seek to find reasons to defy the commandments of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala  in the Qur'an and to defy the layouts of this beautiful deen of ours. Some others search to find Hikmah behind these commandments. Generally, the society has lost faith in Allah's commandments. They forgot how beautiful Allah has put His Creations to work. 
"Kamu diwajibkan berperang, sedang peperangan itu ialah perkara yang kamu benci; dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah yang mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya."
Al Baqarah (2:216) 

There is also a story of ABC written in a very famous novel called Les Miserables, involving a group of young men with very unique attributes who fought in a revolution that was heading for a downfall. 

This section of the chapter not only explains the movements caused by the ignorance of Allah's commandments, but also highlights  Pemuda, the young generation who are generally involved in these causes.

Lelaki Warna-warni
The writer tries to bring about the massive changes occurring in the world of men; from the appearance-conscious metrosexual  to the intellectual and societal-conscious ubersexual men.
"The world hopes more for young men who spend their time to read, enjoin in various courses, get up to date with the current issues, rather than  those who spend their time in the salon, do their hair, make their face or even patch-to-match and accessorise! The world hopes for young men of the future, young men who have deep concern with the surrounding, the stake of society, the verdict of mankind..." says Marian Salzman.

"Kelak, yang kita hadapi dalam perjuangan menegakkan agama ini mungkin bukan para metroseksual yang takut kuiltnya lecet, tapi mereka yang begitu teguh memegang prinsipnya namun belum mengenal bagaimana mentauhidkan Allah. Yang akan kita hadapi bukan para pria cengeng yang menangisi kuku tergores, tapi mereka yang kukuh karakternya meski tak dibesarkan dalam nilai-nilai Islam."
Indeed, the world has changed, people have changed. But we have with us in this path of ours, an example greater than any ubersexual men of all time. It is none other than Rasulullah SAW,our leader (Imam) in this path of truth. Truly with us also, a group of men better than those described in ABC, and they are the Men of the Cave (Ashabul Khafi)..
"Kami ceritakan kisah  mereka kepadamu dengan sebenarnya. Sesungguhnya mereka itu adalah pemuda-pemuda yang beriman kepada Tuhan mereka dan Kami tambahkan kepada mereka petunjuk."
Al-Kahf (18:13) 

Di mana dicari pemuda kahfi? Pada tanya ini alangkah inginnya saya menjawab, "Mereka di sini.. Di Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang!"


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