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Hazihi Sabili! ~This is my way.. What's yours?

Departing to that path of Love like you have never seen before........
"Qul hazihi sabili ad'u ILALLAH ala bashiratin ana wamanittaba'ani"
"Say (O Muhammad) This is my way.I invite to Allah with clear knowledge.I and whoever follows me (does this). Glorified is Allah, and I am not of the polytheists." (12:108)
May Allah 'Azzawajal provide me with a clean and lively heart as I share this knowledge to you...
Ya Allah! Please guide me and guide those who read this and may they  gain pleasure in seeking your blessings..

It has been a mere long while since I had a feel of sitting in front of a computer and inspire people through writing (All thanks to smartphones that provide multiple applications to share and exit! -,-"). Although I must tell you indeed, this path that I'm taking, it has made me do many things I still believe I couldn't. Wouldn't be as good as others, but hey, if Allah wills, He would give you abundant of goodness and inspiration through my effort of writing. 

Before we start marching forth to this path of Love, let me give you a few love phrases to arouse that spirit of yours!

One Phrase of Love from Bilal:
 Two Phrase of Love from our Dear Prophet:

"Selimuti aku!"
"Cover me!"

Three Phrases of Love from Ummu Sulaim:

"Islammu! Itulah maharku."
"Your Deen (Islam)! That's my dowry."

Four Phrases of Love from Abu Bakr:

"Ya Rasulullah! Aku Percaya..."
"Ya Rasulullah! I believe..."

Five Phrases of Love from 'Umar Al-Khattab:

"Ya Rasulullah! Izinkan kupenggal lehernya!"
"Ya Rasulullah! Give me permission to cut off his head!"

An Overview of the Book

The writer inclusively added a section called "Di Terminal Keberangkatan Jalan Cinta..." that is, "In the Midst towards Departing to that Path of Love.." to give a heads up for the readers in what they will find as they go over the pages of this book. Says he, his last writing had him realised that the world was bombarded with a clash of trend, a psychological reset of the mind, as millions of phenomena of love just burst out from its chambers. Fortunately for him, as a writer, he had comprehended the matter of Love, the actual sight of Love, based on the Quran and the Sunnah.

He understood that Love is NOT above all. Love, as of any other emotions; hate, hope, fear, has to be bounded by a matter much greater and supreme in this life. In addition, Love, inseparable with the word 'eternal', should be entitled to a more profound, magnificent position, not as a destination, but as a long-lasting supply to our short life in this world as the servant of Allah.

The writer strongly believes that Love is one of many effective ways to change the world as of today, truly because Love has been placed as the most dominant emotion in one's soul. It is fair to say that one is able to make changes to the soul until love is written as its priority. Thus, our biggest responsibility starts with the change of perception towards Love, change of the soul,  and change the world. "ubah cinta, ubah jiwa, ubah dunia".
"...Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves..."
"...Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mengubah apa-apa yang ada pada sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah apa-apa yang ada pada jiwa mereka..."

 Ar-Ra'd (13:11)

A set of the mind

Love, like any other affairs, should be embedded in the hearts of those who endure into this trail. The love upheld in this path is unshackled from those prominent false definitions  that are weak, short-term, wretched and inconsolable. It is rather pure, sacred, vibrant, wholesome and most crucially, revolutionary! 

Indeed, it is the Path of a Fighter...

An outlook of the book

The book precedes three VITAL platforms with four visionary steps.  

Platform 1
Exploring the root of falsehood of Love that effectuate despair of those who fall deep into it.

Platform 2
Unraveling the key to our path of Love and also contemplating in today's fast-moving, not to mention, modernised world that compels us to be in pace from it.

Platform 3
Discussing the four dimensions of Love; Intellectual Dimension that displays Vision, Emotional Dimension that inculcates Passion, Spiritual Dimension that views the Soul, and lastly, Physical Dimension that portrays Discipline. 

Allow me to end this small section with a phrase,

"Allah tidak menjadikan bagi seseorang dua hati dalam rongganya...."

(Al-Ahzab 33:4) 


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