Thursday, November 21, 2013

Overwhelmed, overloaded

Okay, let me get this straight, it has been ages since the last time I have all the motivation in the world to write. Frankly, I have been away from blogosphere too long that I don't feel like writing anymore. That Paua Shell dah tak tahu nak dipulas ke mana ceritanya. Otak pun dah naik lenguh lengan nak diperah.


The past few months, I have been glued to my chair with three projects, [programming projects through and through], and that make me want to tap the keyboards with if-else, for-loop statements anywhere.

Haduihh... [0.o'']

Okay, let us get this game even.
How many of us here can juggle three programming projects in a row, revising for exams, preparing for a project interview, project presentations, and staying happy and lively in between?

None, huh?

And, how about being stupid enough to blind both eyes to all those?

I heard a yes back there.

That makes two yes then. One from someone at the back, one from the one typing these words out right now.

I agree on the latter question. Again, entah. Overloaded, overwhelmed mungkin.

But, on a second thought,  centering myself to one particular thing tends to make me forget to do all the other things in life.

We [me, in particular] should learn to be Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, two personality wrapped into one. Or, to put it in an Islamic way, Umar al-Khattab. He most definitely could be so daring. He could be brave. Bold. That's only the B's. But, when it comes to tahajjud at night, he was the most humble and modest in front of his Lord.

All these while, I have been using the words 'prioritize' and 'busy' too much that I forgot the word 'balance'.

There ain't no painkiller to this disease. The only antibiotic is us and us only. Failing to cure this, you'll eventually be as unfortunate as me.

And lastly, for the disclaimer, I may not know how to put these into words, to make this writing to be nominated as one of the Islamic-Style of writing, but I am pretty sure, beneficial writing can be a good share in the Hereafter as well, no?

Please, please nod.
Pretty please with a cherry on top :]

[Overwhelmed, overloaded]
If else, for loop

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ynazeee said...

Felt this. I guess even worse. Back then, i was thinking studies dont matter at all.I thought it wasted my time since i have bigger mission, Abid and caliph.But,, slowly and surely Allah will guide. Balancing isnt easy. But with the help of Allah, impossible never exists.

Yeah, btw, Islmaic-style or anything similar aint that important. Sebab yang menyentuh hati tu apa yg dtg dr hati. Kalau yg terkeluar tu came out from heart, anything will do inshaAllah.

Allah bless!

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