Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Mechanism of Choice

Life is about making choices. Whether u take the path most traveled, or u create a path for yourself. 

"A Great person does not follow one's footstep, yet he himself discover his own path to success and leave a trail for others"

Of the Road not Taken

Whatever choice u make, u have to learn to live with the consequences from the path u took. Once decided, u shouldn't look back and regret. 
Your life depends on your choice


1) When making choices, u should know yourself best. U can ask for people's opinions, but don't let their opinions confuse u. Weigh and compare the pros and cons. 
2) Do your homework. (Make researches!) Especially when it comes to choosing the right course and job. Know what u'll be dealing with.

3) When u think u made the wrong decision, think again. It is better to do the wrong thing rather than regretting on not doing it. :)

4)When u have limited choices or u think your options aren't as great as others', smack yourself. ;D
The Almighty always knows u best. He knows which are good for u and which are not, which can be shouldered by u and which are not. :)
5) Don't forget to perform Istikharah and ask for guidance from Him. For u will be more confident of your choice by doing this. Seriously.

Para ulama telah bersepakat menyatakan bahawa hukum solat istikharah adalah sunat berdasarkan hadis berikut :

Dari Jabir RA telah berkata : “Bahawa Nabi saw telah mengajarkan kami supaya beristikharah dalam setiap perkara, sepertimana baginda mengajar satu surah dari al-Quran “

[Diriwayatkan oleh Imam al-Bukhari : 1166]

Untuk kupasan tentang istikharah, boleh rujuk sini

p/s: Good luck to my friends and juniors on making choices of your study options. I made mine, now it's your time :)

The truth of life :)


Abi Noah said...

teringat poem "the road not taken".

selalu jugak belenggu dlm buat pilihan, tp alhamdulillah, stiap pilihan itu dtetapkn Allah krn ada hikmahnya. tq :)

Ir Jinggo said...

Yw ya akh.. itulah, kdg2 bila dah buat pilihan, syaitan selalu pujuk supaya menyesal.. Konon2nya kita buat pilihan yang salah, padahal itu yang ALLAH kehendaki :)

Abu Gharib said...

tapi kdg2 ada juga the "Illusion of Choice"..


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