Monday, June 11, 2012

Taking It Just Enough...

Allah SWT ;

" Dan demikian pula Kami telah menjadikan kamu 'UMAT PERTENGAHAN'  agar kamu menjadi saksi atas(perbuatan) manusia dan agar Rasul(Muhammad) menjadi saksi atas perbuatan kamu...."

and so... we are truly accredited as to become the middle nation..
NONETHELESS, Allah SWT would not have blindly given the title to us, if not with RESPONSIBILITY..

Having said that a middle nation would have to find balance between action and knowledge, and also to consider being MODERATE in every aspect of our lives.. 

Sheikh Nouman once described this Dunya as " MATAA'UN' " which refers to as a fundamental utility to bring benefit of others. One analogy; 

Your aim is to win in a game of tennis,  but you would need a tennis racquet to do that!
The tennis racquet symbolises Dunya, and your aim is the Akhirah,which is something more significant to you...
So, taking proportionately while living in this temporary life would eventually develop PEACE and REDHA in our heart...  WHY?

Allah SWT ;

" Apa pun (kenikmatan) yang diberikan kepadamu, maka itu adalah kesenangan hidup di dunia. Sedangkan apa (kenikmatan) yang ada di sisi Allah lebih baik dan lebih kekal bagi orang-orang yang beriman dan hanya kepada Tuhan mereka bertawakal"

The verdict is, what we have is NOTHING, compared to what Allah has to, why take Dunya overrated(*to appraise highly on something)??

Now, what does it mean to have balance in life?
Sheikh Nouman explains that there is suppose to be a balance in action and knowledge based on the tafseer in the ayah mentioned (2:143) 
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) have proven to have balance in all aspects of his life...

  • We should not be too sad when things go wrong, nor too happy when things go your way
  • We shouldn't be too proud of what we have, yet never put ourselves too low *you might just lose faith in Allah..
  •    We should always make time to serve/help others, but never forget to find time to serve ourselves *after all, taking care of ourselves is an obligation!
  •   Don't look back in our past, yet remind ourselves once in a while so that we don't repeat the mistakes we've made
  •    Don't praise nor offend/insult the food you take  * the prophet's sunnah, based on a hadith rawahul Bukhari
  •  Let others be reminded on the things they are not aware of, but lets not forget to remind ourselves by zikrullah/tazkirah/muhasabah
  •  Don't pass judgement on others, yet evaluate them just enough to reflect ourselves
  •   Be courageous, but always have fear for Allah SWT
  •   Be thrifty with our money, but let us not be so stingy when it comes to giving alms

And sooo many more!

Indeed, we are muslims of the middle nation, let's take account in everything we do! 



Ikram Mohd Noor said...

Nice entry. Mabrouk!

There are some scholars that interprets the "middle nation" like this:

Rasulullah - "middle nation" - mankind

What they want to focus is that the 'middle nation' role is to spread the word from Rasulullah pbuh to the mankind.
Our prophet will become witness to us and we will become witness to the people.
There are more explanation to this actually. May my weakness to explain it doesn't make the people blinded from the truth.

Sumayyah said...

yes..there are many interpretations, either way, this accreditation from Allah should not be perceived lightly...
there are certain levels of expectations we must achieve compared to other ummah^^

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